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Public Consultation Feedback Form– DO fill this in, stating that you object, and what you would like them to provide to the village that we badly need. Be as demanding as you like, they stand to make upwards of £40m from this one site. You have until January 22nd to complete this, please don’t put it off. Some ideas could be:
* pub that isn’t in danger of closing
* a crossing in the High St
* a mini supermarket
* a cycle path to Chipping Sodbury, and up to Charfield or Kingswood
* A Doctor’s surgery or a dentist
* A post office
* A proper bus service than runs more than every two hours
* A bypass around Wickwar for M5 traffic
* Safe crossing areas in Inglestone Road for our children
* Allotments

Wickwar Residents Action Group Facebook page
Crest Nicholson proposal on SGC portal (this is NOT the official planning application- that will appear March 2021)
SGC Call for Sites map– shows which areas around Wickwar have been offered up for development
SGC Data and Access Profiles (DAP)– shows evidence of the lack of sustainable transport and poor access to services
SGC Policies, Sites and Places Plan– current ‘plan’ that SGC are loosely working to regarding developments
SGC Landscape Character Assessment– an overview of the Wickwar area
SGC Local Plan (to go live in 2023)– this will replace the Policies, Sites and Places Plan when it goes live
How to object to planning– a useful blog with tips
Write to Luke Hall, MP for Thornbury and Yate: luke.hall.mp@parliament.uk

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